Metabo scope of application:

Chemical plants, gas processing plants, mining factories, repair of oil and gas pipelines, petrochemical plants and factories, oil refineries, energy facilities, wind turbines, maintenance of special equipment.

About the brand:

In 1923, Albrecht Schnitzler designed the first hand drill. Metabo’s name comes from its metal drill. Today Metabo employs almost 2,000 people, 1,200 of whom are in Nürtingen, Germany. And 25 subsidiaries and more than 100 distributors, including us, ensure that premium Metabo solutions can be found in almost all countries.

In addition to mains-powered and compressed air solutions, Metabo is constantly focusing on the vision of a wireless construction site and is a leader in battery technology. Offering professionals more freedom with the most power possible. Metabo has over 700 patents and proprietary rights. The Swabian supplier of reliable, powerful and ergonomic professional solutions develops and produces its tools for users from almost every industry sector.